A Passion for Stories

Long before he met Chief Parrothead and erstwhile novelist Jimmy Buffett, Bill Cokas was weaving tales of his own, though not in Margaritaville. His first idol was Charles Schulz, and his first drawings were earnest but pale attempts at mimicking his hero’s linework and characterization. Over time, he developed his own cast of characters and published their adventures regularly in The Daily Tar Heel while attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he also wrote short fiction.

When the brass ring of comic strip syndication eluded him after college, Bill put together a portfolio (ironically called a “book” in the industry) and settled into an advertising career in Chicago, writing commercials for McDonald’s, Heinz, Nintendo and Samsonite. Without realizing it, he was gathering material for his first novel, the comic suspense Ring of Fire. A few years later, while searching for material for his next novel, the material found him, in the form of his birth mother. The novel inspired by those events became the offbeat suspense Battle Axe. He is currently in the midst of his third book, the humorous suspense standalone novel Blarney Rubble.

He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his college sweetheart/gorgeous wife, two amazingly talented sons and one psychotic rescue dog. All the tropical shirt patterns in the page headers are from Bill’s own closet. And this does not embarrass him.

Praise from Readers:

I found myself laughing at out loud which is all I can honestly say without giving the plot away. This is a must read if you like the work of Carl Hiaasen then you will love Bill Cokas. [more]

After reading Ring of Fire and Battle Axe, I believe we have a winning new writer that I look forward to reviewing again. [more]

His characters are interesting and the plot moves along at a perfect pitch. Ring of Fire is recommended for mystery lovers who enjoy mysteries that are more cerebral than gory. [more]

From Kindle Book Review: Battle Axe is a humorous suspense novel that will keep you reading till the last page. A very well written book that has humorous quotes that you will find yourself wanting to repeat to others! [more]

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