Battle Axe (humorous suspense)

When his father plays the sax, he blows crowds away. But when Dorsey Duquesne picks up a guitar, he simply blows. Though he’s a wealthy software entrepreneur, music--his true passion--just isn’t in his blood—and neither is his father’s DNA. When his neurotic, overprotective mother Cherry reveals (at his father’s funeral, of all places) he was adopted at birth, suddenly Dorsey’s tin ear makes sense. But it also leaves the 40-year-old without a past to call his own. Obsessed by the life he was denied and emotionally adrift, he hires Ruby Sturgeon, a one-eyed strip-mall detective, hoping that finding the missing pieces will lead him to the peace he’s been missing. Meanwhile, Cherry, along with Dorsey’s wife and best friend Stick, are colluding to keep him from finding the long-buried truth about his “adoption.”

A yellowed, anonymous letter leads the vulnerable Dorsey to a dusty vineyard in the Black Forest—and straight to a jitterbugging, strudel-baking redhead named Mitzi, who claims to be his birth mother. Employing a well-rehearsed charm, she slowly wins him over—and away from his family. While in Germany, and with the help of Mitzi’s arch-rival, the axe-wielding village night watchman Brock, Dorsey does some long-overdue growing up. But will his eyes open in time to see his new “mom” has a darker agenda? And will he realize the true definition of family before it’s too late?

Battle Axe is an offbeat, suspenseful novel in the tradition of Janet Evanovich and Carl Hiaasen that places quirky, flawed characters in unwelcome situations. Adopted or “normal,” readers will find something to relate to and someone to root for.

Battle Axe


“In the hands of Bill Cokas, an already remarkable event - the discovery of one's own adoption - becomes a wild ride of greed, self-deception and mystery, all set to a soundtrack of poorly crafted swing tunes.” (more)

“I was finding my self re-reading a lot of it just to hear some of the humor again. This is a humorous suspense novel that will keep you reading till the last page.” (more)

“I love Mr. Cokas' writing style. Humorous, sensitive to emotion, and full of suspense; I couldn't read it fast enough. I found the characters to be charming and a little crazy, but totally relatable.” (more)

“This book has it all; mystery, suspense and page after page of laugh out loud humor. Bill Cokas writes about intriguing characters with a deft, comic touch.” (more)

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