Ring of Fire (humorous suspense)

A comic tale of campus corruption and Aegean intrigue.

Reluctant college professor Wally Gibbs hates advertising, and not just because he got axed from his corner office advertising job. Resurfacing from a personal tragedy, carpenter-turned-campus cop Nick Pappas hates his diminished identity and longs for a real crime to give his badge a purpose. Wally answers his prayers by launching Project Argus right under Nick’s nose.

Using his students as subjects, Wally dupes one after another to “opt in” to a scheme that promises jaw-dropping savings on big-ticket purchases. Problem is, some students end up getting their own ticket punched along the way. Out of his jurisdiction and over his head, Nick recruits a student cartoonist—also a student of Wally’s—to do the digging where he can’t.

The novice sleuths follow Wally and his mild-mannered Indian T.A. (a closet martial artist) to a picturesque Greek island to uncover why Wally needs a rare, exotic gemstone known as "sifnocite" so badly. Shortly after they return to North Carolina, the hottest-selling class ring in the school’s history is quietly collecting data—and claiming lives.

Can Nick reclaim his sense of self and stop Project Argus before it wipes out the entire senior class?

Read Ring of Fire for a fresh, contemporary mix of humor, suspense and relationships, and enjoy a scenic, satisfying page-turner for fans of Carl Hiaasen, Christopher Moore and Janet Evanovich.

Ring of Fire


“Fans of Carl Hiaasen's firmly off-kilter and dangerously funny writing style will likely find a lot to like in Ring of Fire. This is as clever, amusing, and slick (in a good way) writing as you're going to find anywhere.” (more)

All of the relationships in the novel are brought to life through wholly believable dialog as rendered by Cokas - the friendship between student and cop is especially satisfying.” (more)

“If you like Janet Evanovich, Marshall Karp, Jack Getz and Carl Hiaasen, you have to pick up Bill Cokas. His novels are high on the entertainment scale and saturated with high and low humor.“ (more)

“Throughout the novel, we're treated to a male perspective of relationships, from Wally and his dwarf-loving wife, to Zak and his coed insecurity with his love interests, to Nick and his lifeless marriage. All three men are entangled in a mysterious web with the women they love.” (more)

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