Opposite Day (middle-grade adventure)

Cameron Makepeace has until midnight to save the world. Good thing he woke up early.

In most respects, he’s your average pre-teen: surgically-attached to his iPod, struggling for honor roll and trying not to lose his insulin pump. But one dawn during his paper route, he runs into a trespasser from parts unknown who’s a dead ringer for his best friend, with one big difference: this guy’s a total jerk. Cam follows him through a portal into a parallel civilization just beneath the Earth’s surface, populated by near-perfect copies of everyone up above--even he has a double. The catch is that everyone “down there” is the
mirror image of their Earth twin, right down to the goodness in their heart. Since Cam’s a decent kid, his double is a holy terror.

He strikes an uneasy alliance with the double of the class bully, one of the few good guys on the other side of the portal. They work together to prevent the leader of the underworld wasteland, who looks eerily familiar, from finalizing a plan to shatter the Earth’s crust, destroying the town above. Can Cam penetrate this strange world, pass himself off as his own evil twin and thwart the plan before the dreaded “Caranito Day?”

He thought it was going to be just another Tuesday--it turned out to be quite the opposite.

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