Battle Axe

Battle Axe

The truth hurts, but the lies could flat-out kill him.

A yellowed, anonymous letter leads the vulnerable Dorsey to a dusty vineyard in the Black Forest—and straight to a jitterbugging, strudel-baking redhead named Mitzi, who claims to be his birth mother. Employing a well-rehearsed charm, she slowly wins him over—and away from his family. While in Germany, and with the help of Mitzi’s arch-rival, the axe-wielding village night watchman Brock, Dorsey does some long-overdue growing up. But will his eyes open in time to see his new “mom” has a darker agenda? And will he realize the true definition of family before it’s too late?

Battle Axe is an offbeat, suspenseful novel in the tradition of Janet Evanovich and Carl Hiaasen that places quirky, flawed characters in unwelcome situations. Adopted or “normal,” readers will find something to relate to and someone to root for.


This is a humorous suspense novel that will keep you reading until the last page. Bill Cokas has clearly hit a home run with this book and hopefully many more in the future.
-- Kindle Book Review
If you decide to join Mr. Cokas and his cast of offbeat characters, it's highly unlikely that you'll regret it.
-- Derek Dowell
Author of Chrome Sombrero,
This is a story that carries you away, quickly. Humorous, sensitive to emotion, and full of suspense. I found the characters to be charming and a little crazy, but totally relatable.
-- Charlene
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