Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

A comic tale of campus corruption and Aegean intrigue.

When corrupt professor Wally Gibbs attempts to eliminate mass media advertising by covertly monitoring purchase behavior, what his students don’t know can actually kill them. Agendas collide when justice-obsessed campus cop Nick Pappas and his student “deputy” discover the true purpose of the hottest-selling graduation ring in Carolina University history. Can the two amateur sleuths stop Project Argus before it wipes out the entire senior class?

If you like your mystery novels with a healthy dose of humor, download Ring of Fire by Bill Cokas today. Enjoy a scenic, satisfying comic mystery for fans of Carl Hiaasen, Christopher Moore and anyone that likes to laugh while they’re biting their fingernails.


I am a huge fan of Janet Evanovich, Christopher Moore and writers like Lee Child and Brad Thor... If you find your likings to be similar you will find Bill Cokas to be an excellent read. It took no time at all for this novel to locate my funny bone as well as my desire and need for a THRILLER fix. Bill Cokas has done a excellent job with this Tome "lite", presentation. Ring of Fire is a mystery novel filled with all of the things needed to keep you turning the pages... be that Crime, Thrills, Mystery or excellently penned Humor.
-- Amazon reviewer