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You’re a Lucky Fellow, Mr. Smith

We interrupt your trek to the polls with this reminder of why.

Hey, you’re a lucky fellow, Mr. Smith, to be able to live as you do,
And to have that swell Miss Liberty gal carrying the torch for you
You’re a lucky fellow, Mr. Smith–look around you if you want to brag,
You should thank your lucky stars and I mean, thank all 50 in your flag

This bit of Capraesque patrioti-corn was recorded by Frank Sinatra in 1964 and features the incredibly dated backing of Fred Waring’s Pennsylvanians. However, it stirs the soul to this day, particularly on this day.

You’re a very, very wealthy gent–I don’t care if you haven’t a cent
You can still have things your own way, on each Election Day
If some poor suckers could choose, they like to be in your shoes
That proves that your good fortune’s no myth
You’re a lucky fellow, Mr. Smith.

I voted, as much as they would let me. Hope you did too.