Mixed–but better–results with second KDP giveaway.

My second Amazon KDP Select giveaway of Battle Axe is winding down after three consecutive days, and I must say, it’s changing my mind about the program. I still don’t know if it will boost my reviews or sales, but the activity has blown away that of my previous giveaway over Easter weekend.Here’s what I did differently:1. Three consecutive days vs. two non-consecutive days (last time I skipped Easter proper).2. Used only these paid sources: Freebooksy.com Thedesertgirl on Fiverr.com bookblast.co Here’s what I did the same: 1. Picked a holiday weekend 2. All the same Facebook and Twitter sources But this time, as of 4:30 on the third day of the promotion, I’m looking at 5700 downloads vs. the meager 710 Read More…

Pinterest: I’m doing it, even if I don’t get it.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I get it, but I have to admit it’s not my thing. Which is fine–there are plenty of things that aren’t my thing. In fact, there are probably way more things that aren’t my thing than things that are my thing. I’m a man of particular interests. And you can find a selection of them here. A note: most of them relate to my novels, because I have to weave my interests into my novels, so I can experience them more often.