Pinterest: I’m doing it, even if I don’t get it.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I get it, but I have to admit it’s not my thing. Which is fine–there are plenty of things that aren’t my thing. In fact, there are probably way more things that aren’t my thing than things that are my thing. I’m a man of particular interests. And you can find a selection of them here. A note: most of them relate to my novels, because I have to weave my interests into my novels, so I can experience them more often.

Amazon KDP Select Giveaway Part 1: The numbers are in.

As I gear up for another giveaway for Battle Axe–this time for three consecutive days–I wanted to share the results of my previous giveaway, which was two non-consecutive days over Easter weekend. I spent a lot of time in the preceding months reading blog posts and advice from other KDP participants. I boiled their tips down to a “best of” and that was the extent of my plan. Here’s a rundown of the “marketing” I did to announce the giveaway: The Marketing: 1. Posted on my own Facebook page 2. Sent out periodic tweets from my Twitter account 3. Sent an email blast to relevant people in my address book 4. Created an event on Goodreads and invited my friends 5. Sent a Read More…

Interviewed on “Just Following a Dream” blog!

Jessica Sayler, author of the “Just Following a Dream” blog (and author of a WIP tentatively entitled “Awakened”) was kind enough to host me on her blog and ask me a series of interesting–and random–questions. However, as fellow authors know, there’s no such thing as a random question or thought when it comes to fiction. Anything is fair game and anything can lead to inspiration, a plot point, dialogue or a character. The interview deals with both my humorous suspense novels, the recent Kindle Book Review honoree Ring of Fire and Battle Axe, and touches on my own WIP Opposite Day). You can read the brief interview here.

Ring of Fire Selected as “Best Indie Book of 2012” Semifinalist!

The Kindle Book Review has selected Ring of Fire as a suspense/horror semifinalist in its annual Best Indie Books competition. The page has had over 50,000 hits in the last couple of months so this is some invaluable exposure for my debut novel. The final five finalists from each category will be announced on September 1, and the six winners (one in each category) will be announced on October 1. I’ll be sure to update you as I find out, but this is a huge thrill for a book that was once agented and had lost hope of finding a “home.”