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Writing Hard, or Hardly Writing?

Am I the ultimate hypocrite or what? I start a blog to chronicle my first novel’s (eventual?) path to publication, update it sporadically, whine about what a tedious process it is, hint at starting another book…and then doing everything possible to avoid it.

As his career was on the downslide, long after he had peaked with “Sports” and “Fore,” Huey Lewis put out a CD called “Hard at Play.” Keep in mind it had been at least four years since his last flop, “Small World.” The first single from the new CD was called “Couple Days Off.” From a working man’s perspective, it talked about how hard he was working, how he needed to “catch his breath,” etc. The first thing that struck me was, “Dude, you had four years to put out this CD, and you’re asking for a vacation??” Same here.

So as of today, I’m going to (try) to buckle down and not only update this thing more frequently, but actually do some freaking writing. When my blog posts are outweighing my actual fiction, something’s wrong. I don’t aspire to be a professional blogger. But “novelist,” that’s a job description I could get used to.

To that end, I wrote one page yesterday. It’s not even very good, but it’s done. And it can’t be revised until it’s been written in the first place.

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  1. Keep at it, my friend! One word at a time, one page at a time, it all adds up in the end.

    But please don’t diss my man Huey Lewis. He the man. And the News are great, too.

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