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No Matter What Happens…I Must Not Cry.

After much agonizing, deliberation and advice-seeking, I have decided to release my agent from further representation of “Ring of Fire.” Not only that, I’ve decided to retitle it and give it a thorough once-over. I’m working with “Dead Ringer” for now, even though I know the publisher has the final word over titles and cover art, etc. I like the juxtaposition of a serious, ominous-sounding title with whimsical cover art. Think Carl Hiaasen or Tim Dorsey. The cover tells you it’s not a hard-boiled suspense.

Of course, according to my (former) agent and the editors he’s contacted, my book isn’t a suspense novel, anyway. It has elements of suspense, yes, but it also has a love story (ick!) and humor (double ick!), qualifying it as “mainstream” or “commercial.” I don’t mind at all, but apparently, selling a mainstream/commercial book by a first-time author in today’s market is a fool’s errand.

So what’s next? Try to stay positive, keep working on Book #2 and start searching for my next fool…er, agent. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Stay positive, man. Sure, selling a mainstream novel from an unknown is a gamble, but gambles are what the big guys like best. They hate mid-list and genre – they want the next Cold Mountain or Bridges of Madison County. You know, the kind of ‘overnight’ success story that makes all the media. To the big guys, a gamble at a first-timer jackpot is a lot more appealing than a known author’s title that’ll only break even.

    In other words, your ‘disadvantage’ might be just the edge you need. Go for it! And let’s meet for drinks sometime when we’re both stinkingly rich and famous.

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